25th August, 2020Mike Coates

Appointment of Nate Dickerson as Director of GBRW

The board of GBRW Limited is delighted to announce that Nathaniel (Nate) Dickerson (Director of Credit Risk Management and a GBRW Principal Consultant) has been appointed a Director of the firm.

Nate’s involvement with GBRW began in 2012, as a team member on a Retail Banking Strategy Project for the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam. Soon thereafter Nate became a GBRW Principal Consultant, providing consulting and training services for GBRW assignments across a range of topics. Nate has been engaged on GBRW projects in Cambodia, China, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nigeria, Serbia, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Nate has over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, initially as a commercial lender with Chase Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan) and subsequently as a banking consultant, and training and development specialist. Nate’s responsibilities at Chase included commercial credit, corporate finance, domestic and international debt restructurings, as well as non-traditional financing instruments such as high yield securities. While at Chase, Nate was also a manager in Chase’s Credit Training Department.

As a banking consultant Nate has undertaken projects involving financial and structural reform, capacity building, and financial inclusion. Nate has advised financial institutions and their management on such matters as problem loan management, credit policies and procedures, SME credit risk management, as well as green and sustainable finance.

As a training and development specialist with GBRW, Nate has accumulated extensive experience and an impressive track record for developing and delivering interactive training programs that are relevant and engaging within emerging markets. Engagements have included developing and delivering Problem Loan Management training in Cambodia, Mongolia, Serbia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tajikistan, and Tanzania; Out of Court Workout training, in Lebanon and Jordan; the Role of the Regulators in Non-performance Loans training in China; and SME & Commercial Credit Assessment training in Egypt.

In addition to his on-going involvement on consulting and training projects, as a Director Nate will be spearheading GBRW’s Stressed Asset Management proposition and be a key contributor on GBRW e-learning projects.
Nate holds a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School, with a concentration in international finance and management information science, and a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University, with a major in philosophy.

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