Specialising in working with Development Finance Institutions

In addition to our mainstream banking expertise, we have developed a specific proposition for our Development Finance Institution (DFI), Multilateral Development Bank (MDB), and donor agency clients which meets some of their specific additional needs.

GBRW works with development finance stakeholders to develop and implement robust and efficient investment or loan assessment and administration policies and processes. Naturally this activity shares many parallels with the same processes within commercial entities, but we appreciate the consideration of social, environmental and wider economic impact criteria. We work with clients to adopt the optimum approach to embedding these principles within the project, credit or investment process, and in making the requisite adaptations to the business and operating model.

We also have extensive experience and excellent credentials in the development or review of financial and private sector development strategies. These can encompass a variety of perspectives or approaches – including business climate, industry sector, value chain, clusters, free trade zones, or enterprise development services.

GBRW provides advice to sovereign shareholders and investors on their current and/ or potential participation in various DFI initiatives, membership of MDB’s, and development spending. This includes training and coaching for senior civil servants on the role of development finance stakeholders, the different types of market participant, and how to align participation with government policy goals. We are also regularly requested to produce research and analysis, and to consult and advise on the development policy options open to government.


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