Delivering banking and finance expertise to the MENA region since 1997

For over 20 years, GBRW has been working in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) banking and financial sectors.

It's strategic juncture between three continents represents a major opportunity for economic development in the MENA region, however growth has been uneven. Improvements in economic policy should bring to bear the significant demographic prospects the region has for both industrial and service development. MENA banks and financial institutions have a huge role to play in the realisation of this potential.

This will require adapting business and operating models, and GBRW is well-placed to assist. Banks will need to develop a Customer Value Proposition (CVP) which meets the needs of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), as well their traditional corporate and retail banking franchises. At the same time, close attention needs to be paid to improving Cost-Income ratios while effectively managing stressed assets and Non-Performing Loans.




GBRW Delivers Trade Finance Training for Afreximbank

27th January, 2020

Nate Dickerson

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2nd December, 2019

Mike Coates

SME Banking Consulting and Training for National Bank of Kuwait-Egypt

19th December, 2017

Mike Coates

Another Successful SME Customer Relationship Management Course for EBI

31st March, 2015

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