20th December, 2023Mike Coates

In Memoriam: Johnny Rizq

We are very sorry to announce that our colleague Johnny Rizq passed away on the afternoon of 7th December. In recent months Johnny had been battling a rare neurological condition; he was responding well to treatment, but then suffered an unexpected relapse.

Johnny was a highly experienced financial services strategist with a 35-year career as a strategy consultant and trainer, banker, economist and financial journalist. Prior to joining GBRW in 2010, he was for 14 years the head of Lloyds Banking Group’s International Advisory Services business, directing and leading financial sector consulting and training assignments across the globe, with a focus on transitional markets. He was also the head of Strategy & Innovation for Lloyds Bank’s Corporate Transaction Services unit, a business with a turnover of more than $500 million.

Johnny worked extensively in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, Central & Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union during his career. He will be sorely missed as a friend and as a colleague.