Strategic Management for Banks

Fintech: Strategic Challenges and Opportunities for Banks

Face-to-face2 days

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Course Modules

  • 1. global fintech trends and developments

    • A brief history of Fintech
    • Global and regional investment in Fintech
    • Technology drivers of Fintech developments
    • Approaches of regulators to Fintech
    • Fintech trends - sector differences
    • Fintech trends - regional differences
  • 2. understanding fintech sub-sectors

    • Banking
    • Payments
    • Lending
    • Wealth management
    • Insurance
    • Regulation and Compliance
  • 3. assessing the local fintech environment

    • Start-ups
    • Competitor strategies
    • Regulators
    • Opportunities
    • Barriers to Fintech
  • 4. understanding fintech start-ups

    • Financing of start-ups
    • Valuation issues
    • Performance trends
    • How to scale up a Fintech start-up
    • Critical success factors for Fintech companies
  • 5. corporate fintech strategies

    • How established FS players are approaching Fintech
    • Incubators and accelerators
    • Investment in Fintech start-ups
    • Partnerships with Fintech start-ups
    • How to develop a corporate Fintech strategy
  • 6. developing a new fintech venture business case

    • Market research
    • Proposition development
    • Operational planning
    • Financial planning

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