Problem Loan Management

Problem Loan Management

Face-to-face3 days

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Course Modules

  • 1. defining problem loans and assessing their cost on institution’s soundness and reputation

    • Costs of Problem Loans
    • Problem Loans and Their Impact on an Institution’s Operations, Soundness and Reputation
    • Defining Characteristics of Problem Loans
    • How Banks Get into Trouble
    • Objectives of Problem Loan Management
    • Preventing Problem Loans
  • 2. causes of problem loans and early detection

    • Major Causes of Problem Loans
    • Profiles of Problem Companies
    • Early Detection
    • Early Warning Signs
    • Information Needs and Information Gathering
    • The Role and Importance of the Interview and Monitoring Process
  • 3. analyzing and solving the problem loan

    • Analysing the Problem (Big Picture)
    • Analysis of (Management, Financials and Strategy)
    • Solving the Problem
    • Situation Analysis
  • 4. developing the plan to improve the bank’s position

    • Preliminary Considerations
    • Stages or Steps (Typical/Possible) to Payout
    • Anticipating the Possible Stages to Payout
    • Discounting as an appropriate alternative
    • Preparing a Wish List
    • Assessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • 5. fundamentals of loan restructuring

    • Fundamental Concepts of Loan Structuring and Restructuring
    • Purpose of the Workout
    • Liquidating Collateral
    • Reviewing Collateral and Ensuring Perfection
    • Fundamentals of Bankruptcy
    • Resolving and/or Restructuring Problem Loans
    • Negotiating a Loan Restructuring
  • 6. administering problem loans and policies and procedures

    • Preventing Loans (Four Ps of Prevention)
    • Strengthening Problem Credit Administration
    • Preventing Problem Loans
    • Prioritizing Tasks Involved in Managing a Problem Loan Portfolio
    • Considerations when Developing a Workout Department
    • Good Bank vs. Bad Bank Case Study

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