Corporate Governance Training for Bank of Maldives

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Bank of Maldives (BML) is the leading financial institution in Maldives, established in 1982.

They are a full-service bank engaging across the complete spectrum of personal, business and corporate financial services with 260,000 customers.
The PricewaterhouseCoopers Academy based in Sri Lanka engaged GBRW to develop and deliver a two-day course focused on Corporate Governance for the leadership of BML. The course formed an integral component of a four-day workshop for BML board members and executives designed to refresh their understanding of best practice in risk management.

Day one focused on the creation and preservation of value in banks, emphasizing the importance of robust strategic and financial planning. This included consideration of the pros and cons of different organisation structures, and how they affected the relationships between difference stakeholders including shareholders, the board, management, customers, and regulators.

The role and importance of various board committee was also explored in depth, including the Asset and Liability Management Committee (ALCO), the Credit Committee, and the Remuneration Committee in particular. The course also explored the rising importance (and costs) of compliance, and the advantages of establishing a specialist Compliance department alongside a Risk Management division.

The course was enhanced by the presentation of some detailed case studies including the crises at Northern Rock, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Lloyds Bank in the United Kingdom.

Deliverables included:

- Development of a two-day programme customized to the needs of the BML leadership

- Delivery of a two-day programme on-site in Colombo

- Development of detailed case studies to facilitate group discussion and provide context for key learning objectives

- Sharing of organisation structure templates and sample committee Terms of Reference

- Sharing of boilerplate risk and corporate governance policies and procedures