Credit Risk Training for Major Vietnamese Bank

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GBRW was approached by one of the leading State-Owned Commercial Banks to deliver credit risk training for a cohort of staff.

An intensive two-day course was designed to provide lending and credit risk management professionals with a thorough understanding of the essential principles of commercial and SME credit analysis and to strengthen and expand the professional skills and knowledge of experienced Corporate, SME or Retail lenders.

Tailored to address the needs and demands of lenders operating in emerging and fast-growing markets the course provided the delegates a comprehensive understanding of the credit process, including gathering relevant information from customers, evaluating loan requests, assessing a company’s ability to service debt, and structuring loans and how such concepts/tools as industry sector and economic analysis, non-financial analysis of management, strategy and financial planning, business and operating models, competitive risks and market positioning, and financial statement and ratio analysis and interpretation.

Deliverables included:

Development and delivery of a course designed to help participants to:

- Understand and discuss how a robust understanding of industry and business risks facilitate the assessment of management;

- Conduct with confidence and effectively coach junior staff members in performing credit interviews that facilitate efficient gathering of relevant information needed to make sound credit decisions;

- Effectively coach junior staff members on analytical techniques used to assess a variety of credit requests including working capital and medium-term loans;

- Understand and discuss how the Direct Cash Flow Statement is used in assessing a borrower’s financing needs and ability to repay debt; and

- Understand, discuss and coach junior staff member how defining problem loans effectively facilitates identification and resolution.

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