SME Banking Strategy and Customer/ Product Toolkits for Techcombank (Vietnam)

GBRW Consulting, GBRW Group, Marketing, SME Banking, Strategic and Financial Planning

Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (also known as Techcombank) is a joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam, established in 1993.

Headquartered in Hanoi, the bank has branches and headquarters in provinces and cities across the country. It is a mid-tier Vietnamese bank, specialising in retail and SME business. Funded by the International Finance Corporation’s Mekong Private Sector Development Fund (MPDF), GBRW was contracted to help the Bank build a comprehensive SME Banking Strategy and Business Plan.

In particular, Techcombank was looking for support in implementing this strategy through the development of some customer and product ‘toolkits’. These toolkits constitute a holistic Customer Value Proposition (CVP), geared towards winning and retaining market share in target segments. The CVP for SME banking customers should not revolve entirely around the price of a credit product, but also consider wider aspects of the marketing mix such as the distribution channels and service promise.

Following the execution of a portfolio review and strategic segmentation exercise, we developed a detailed strategic roadmap for Techcombank including detailed recommendations on risk appetite and acceptance criteria. In addition, we developed a series of templates which supported the swift, concise and specific identification and description of customer segments, and the development and specification of new products.

Deliverables included:

- Undertook a thorough review of the SME portfolio;

- Undertook strategic segmentation of the SME portfolio;

- Developed templates to support the swift, concise and specific identification and description of customer segments;

- Delivered a detailed road map including target markets, risk acceptance criteria, and target portfolio profile; and

- Delivered an action plan with key milestones.