SME & Commercial Credit Assessment Workshop for Egyptian Bankers

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GBRW delivered an advanced four-day blended training workshop to Egyptian Bankers on SME and commercial credit assessment.

GBRW Learning, in partnership with the Egyptian Banking Institute, delivered an advanced four-day blended training workshop on SME and Commercial Credit Assessment in January 2021. The program was designed to provide senior SME and commercial banking professionals with credit risk and relationship management responsibilities and with a comprehensive understanding of loan restructuring concepts, tools, and techniques.

The workshop was delivered in four modules. Each module included a remote session and eLearning activities. The remote instructor-led sessions allow the participants to discuss topics and concerns, exchange thoughts, share experiences with the instructor and peers, and receive constructive feedback in a supportive environment. The remote sessions, which included breaks and breakout exercises, were complemented by eLearning activities that consisted of videos, quizzes, and a final examination designed to improve understanding and retention and enhance the remote sessions' effectiveness.

The workshop provided a great opportunity to partake in the exchange of experiences and thoughts with a select group of banking professionals. I enjoyed and learned while facilitating. It was a win-win situation.

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