SME Customer Relationship Management Training for the Egyptian Banking Institute

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GBRW is a trusted training vendor to the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), Egypt’s leading bank training institute founded in 1991 as an arm of the Central Bank of Egypt.

For many years, GBRW has been a trusted vendor to the EBO and delivers a range of specialist programmes tailored to the needs of Egyptian bankers. This includes a comprehensive three-day course on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of SME customers by banks, designed to supplement its industry standard SME banking qualification.

The course is intended for those interested in how to develop and deliver a Customer Relationship Management based approach for SME banking customers. It is geared for senior and middle management and is relevant to the fields of strategy and planning, marketing and product development, sales management and business analysis, risk management, and human resources. It serves as an introduction to the key concepts of CRM, as well as including practical detail on their application to improving sales and marketing to SME banking customers by Relationship Managers, particularly by using real-life examples, case studies and a strong focus on participative group work as well as tutorial instruction.

This training is designed to be highly participative, and is illustrated by deep and colourful case studies, interactive tools, and group exercises. GBRW trainers regularly receive some of the highest evaluation scores from EBI delegates.

Deliverables included:

Development and delivery of a three-day course for EBI in which participants came away with:

- A familiarity with the high-level concepts of strategic marketing, and particularly the significance of identifying and embedding a Customer Focus within the strategy

- Practical ideas on how to approach the segmentation of the SME banking market

- A true understanding of the richness of the potential CVP for SME customers, and specific ideas on how to enrich and differentiate it

- A good understanding of the key features commonly found in SME banking CRM technology and software, and how to achieve good results with a limited budget

- A grounding in ‘Consultative Sales’ techniques – most notably how to avoid fall into the ‘price trap’ in negotiations with customers