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SME Operations Guidelines for Trade and Development Bank

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GBRW was engaged by the Trade and Development Bank (TDB) to develop a set of SME Operations Guidelines to support their developing SME lending operations.

The Trade and Development Bank (TDB), formerly the PTA Bank, is a trade and development financial institution in Africa. The TDB is the financial arm of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). GBRW was engaged by TDB to develop a set of SME Operations Guidelines to support their nascent SME lending operations.

The SME Operations Guidelines are intended to provide a framework within which the pilot TDB SME Programme can provide finance and support to its target market while observing sound SME finance credit standards, preserving and growing the programme funds by prudently investing in quality and impactful SME opportunities whilst maintaining a low ratio of Non-Performing Loans.

These Operations Guidelines are for use by officers of the SME Programme in day to day execution of the Programme’s operations and the members of the Special Operations Committee in their oversight role of the Programme.

The Operations Guidelines cover the background, objectives and rationale of the Programme; the governance of the Programme; eligibility for access to finance and business support; policy guidelines and restrictions with regard to approvals, priority sectors, instruments of intervention, priority sectors, beneficiaries and other criteria for the provision of finance and business support to SMEs; and supervision, monitoring and reporting requirements.

Deliverables included:

- Onsite consulting services in Nairobi, Kenya and Harare, Zimbabwe

- Alignment of the SME Programme with the bank's Corporate Plan 1 1 Inception visit in Harare

- Alignment of the SME Programme with bank's Asset Management Strategy

- Consideration of gender-based lending and support

- Alignment with co-financier’s interests

- Methodology for choosing financial intermediaries

- Detailed Monitoring and Evaluation (“M&E”) framework

- Building of the reporting framework and dashboard

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