Strategy, Governance, and Risk Management Consulting for Kreditprombank

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KreditpromBank was a mid-tier universal bank in Ukraine with a franchise of over 400,000 retail customers and nearly 20,000 corporate customers.

With headquarters in Kiev it had a total of 12 main branches across the country controlling 158 sub-outlets. GBRW was engaged by the management of the bank to undertake a capacity building project providing advice to the Chairman, the Board of Supervision and the Chief Executive Officer covering strategy, corporate governance, the risk management, audit and the operations and management reporting of the bank.

During the assignment the bank went into default and GBRW’s mandate was extended to include the management and recovery of Non-Performing Loans, negotiation with individual customers in default for maximum recovery and the financial restructuring of the bank including advising the Chairman and the Board of Supervision on the extended negotiations with the creditors.

Deliverables included:

- Review and development of the Strategic Plan of the bank;

- Organisational restructuring and corporate governance, including the delivery of a Corporate Governance Code as well as Charters outlining the role and responsibilities of the various boards, committees and divisions of the bank;

- The agenda and conduct of the meetings of the Board of Supervision;

- Recommendations on the establishment of an Audit Committee and the development of the Internal Audit Department;

- Management of the portfolio of Non Performing Loans and individual negotiation for the resolution of corporate borrowers in default; and

- Financial restructuring on the Bank post default and the guiding of negotiations with the creditors committee to achieve maximum recovery.