Thailand Sustainable Finance Initiatives

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GBRW supports the Thai Financial Sector to Develop Sustainable Finance Initiatives

The Thai government acknowledges the country’s vulnerability to climate change and the urgent need to transition to a more sustainable economy. Under a project support by AustralianAid and the International Finance Corporation, GBRW was selected to provide specialist consulting input in the development of Thailand's landmark "Sustainable Finance Initiatives for Thailand".

GBRW and IFC worked closed with the national Sustainable Finance Working Group convened under the auspices of the "Three Regulators" (i.e., the Bank of Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Office of Insurance Commission), and also including the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Fiscal Policy Office of the Ministry of Finance.

Deliverables included:

- Research best practice in Sustainable Finance principles and practice, and the optimal frameworks and international co-operation agreements for Thailand

- Diagnostic review and gap analysis of current Sustainable Finance practice in Thailand against relevant benchmarks

- Support the BOT and Working Group on Sustainable Finance to conduct a gap analysis with an aim to better understand the current regulatory and policy environment related to sustainable finance in Thailand and provide recommendations that could serve as building blocks for driving sustainable finance in Thailand

- Support BOT in drafting the Sustainable Banking Initiatives based on an agreed outline in consultation with the relevant stakeholders-

- Support the consulting process of the Sustainable Banking Roadmap

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