Trade Finance Training for Afreximbank

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GBRW was contracted by the African Import-Export Bank (Afreximbank) to deliver a suite of trade finance training.

Afreximbank, based in Cairo, is a leading Multilateral Development Finance Bank (MDB) focused on improving access to finance for trade facilitation across the African continent. The training is aimed at enhancing the practical trade finance skills of both Afreximbank employees, as well as those of selected participating financial institutions from across Africa.

The Bank’s Afreximbank Trade Facilitation Program (AFTRAF) is aimed at supporting African banks through the provision of Letter of Credit (LC) confirmation lines, LC confirmation guarantees, irrevocable reimbursement undertakings, and other forms of credit support for transactions. This complements the provision of direct trade financing facilities to corporate institutions across the continent.

Afreximbank wishes to enhance the capabilities of its staff across the Trade Services credit value chain with role-specific training in various aspects of documentary trade finance to enable them to structure and deliver trade services solutions to the Bank’s financial institution and corporate clients. As part of this same process, the Bank also plans to enhance the capabilities of the staff of its partner and client Financial Institutions through delivery of similar training.

Deliverables included:

Development of course materials covering a wide range of trade finance topics such as:

- Detailed insight into Letters of Credit, collections, guarantees and stand-by LCs in international trade in goods and services (i.e. project related guarantees)

- Trade financing and related risks, banks’ involvement in trade finance, documents required and the role played by the logistics and other parties involved in international trade

- Structuring trade finance solutions to address risks and financing gaps

- Letters of Credit document checking (introductory for front office and credit roles; in-depth and hands-on for operations staff

- Chamber of Commerce related topics: policies, rulemaking and arbitration, and an overview of interesting ICC opinions

- Introduction to electronic documents (such as Bolero, essDOCS, etc.) and Distributed Ledger Techniques such as Blockchain

- Introduction to eUCP (v 2.0 recently published) and the eURC (v 1.0 recently published)

Onsite delivery in Cairo and Harare