15th December, 2020Mike Coates

SecureAge: Inherent & Invisible Data Security

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As a banking consultancy one of the major issues that GBRW has been working on with clients is data security. Through our office in Singapore we have been advising a Singapore company called SecureAge Technology Pte Ltd (SATECH) whose product addresses what we understand to be one of the central weaknesses of current data security.

SATECH’s history is one of protecting government and enterprise data from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats and the simple and user-centric solutions arising from SATECH’s philosophy of Inherent & Invisible Data Security provide clarity and calm in the most complex security environments.

SATECH’s Government clients include all Singapore Ministries and Statutory Boards, the Singapore Military, and multiple ministries and agencies in Hong Kong and Japan. Their commercial clients have included NTT-CERT, Narita Airport, Sony, British American Tobacco, Temasek Holdings, the Government Savings Bank of Thailand, and GRG Banking, among others.

SATECH has appointed GBRW Limited (GBRW) to identify and introduce opportunities for the sale of selected SATECH products to GBRW’s partners, prospective customers and other contacts in the UK and other countries in which GBRW operates.

To support this marketing move, SATECH in conjunction with GBRW has developed a Banking Whitepaper “Data Security for Banking – It’s Time to Think Differently” which can be viewed via this link.

Please contact Martin Edwards, a GBRW Consulting Director based in Singapore, if you would like to make contact with SATECH.

GBRW is not technically competent to advise on IT issues. However, we do believe the SATECH product is worthy of serious consideration. GBRW’s role is limited to assisting SATECH in marketing their product and introducing them to potential clients for which we will receive a commission on a successful sale.